One Curvy Blogger is back…ish! Plus Mini Blog Ahead Goal Post

So, I was going to have my first post be next Monday about where I’ve been and why I closed down the site, but when I learned that the Mini Blog ahead challenge was taking place tomorrow I HAD to jump in. So I thought I’d make this post about both!

Why did One Curvy Blogger disappear?

This is such a complicated question. When I opened One Curvy Blogger, I was a high school drop out. I got diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the end of my freshmen year of high school – June 7th, 2011 to be exact. The first 2-3 years of my battle with MS was riddled with stress, medication changes, relapses, and many failed attempts to successfully attend school. I got fed up and discouraged so I decided to officially drop out until I was stable enough to go back to school or at least get my GED.

Turns out, I didn’t go back until I was 20, eight months away from turning 21, the typical cut off for attending high school. Thankfully, I found a night school that was willing to keep me on until I finished, regardless of my age. In order to do so (well tbh I felt that because the school was giving me a chance a normal public school would never give me), I practically devoted myself to finishing the 11 credits I needed to receive my high school diploma. A year a five months later, I graduated valedictorian of my graduating class.

Basically, I had no time to blog and I had no money to devote to keeping my site up, as it was self-hosted. There was no point (and no extra $$) paying to keep my blog open when it was dead anyways.

So why didn’t I just import my blog and restart? Sadly, while I was able to back up my blog, the computer I backed it up on crashed last year and I wasn’t able to recover any of my memory. So…. it’s back to square one. I do have all of my reviews on GR which I can repost to this blog (I might wind up doing a TBT review throw back or something), but I decided to just begin anew and take the bad luck as a way to start fresh and maybe try to do things a bit differently.

Moving on to Blog Ahead…

Mini Blog Ahead 2017

miniblog ahead 2017Mini Blog Ahead lasts from June 15th – June 30th.Β This challenge is all about getting ahead in your blogging by upping your number of scheduled posts by 15 during the challenge.

This is great prep for vacations, emergencies, and just helping get through blogging slumps or busy weeks. Having posts ready to go so you don’t have to worry about them can be a huge relief!


Since I am starting with 0 already scheduled posts, my goal will be 15 scheduled posts by the end of the challenge. This will help me get back into the swing of things – and help me not become a last minute blogger…again.

Anywhoo, I’m glad to be back and I can’t wait to reconnect with you guys and get back into chatting books! πŸ™‚

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  1. I am glad to see you’re back! I wonder what had happened to your blog as it seems you suddenly disappeared. That’s great you managed to finish high school and now are back to blogging too. That too bad your computer with your blog back-up crashed, but sometimes a fresh start can be nice too! Good luck with blog ahead!


  2. Yay! Good to see you! Congrats on finishing school! That’s awesome. Gah on the computer, though. Technology is wonderful but frustrating sometimes but maybe nice to have a total clean slate to start up again πŸ˜€ I hope things have been going great this month!


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