Ten Sequels I Need to Read

TEN SEQUELS I NEED TO READ.jpgHey y’all! Today I thought I’d share a few sequels I need to read. One of my worst book-worm habits is reading the first book in a series, and never reading the sequels — or at least taking years to finally read it. I’m really trying to work on this habit, because it usually happens when I love the first book and I’m too afraid book 2 due to an irrational fear that it will disappoint. I know, I’m a mess. I’m missing out on perfectly good books because of this habit! Anyone else do this? I hope it’s not just me!

I organized the list by sorting them into two groups of five sequels first, then sorting by author’s last names. With that explained, let’s get to it.

ten sequels I need to finish 1

FIGHTING DIRTY by Lori Foster is the fourth book in Foster’s Ultimate series and features arguably one of her most interesting male heroes, Armie Jacobson. I’m not exactly sure why I haven’t given it a read yet, but knowing me, it’s probably because I have high expectations and don’t want it to fall flat. I’m such an Armie fan—even though he frequently makes me shake my head and sigh in frustration.

I have zero excuses for having not devoured CHIMERA by Mira Grant. She’s my favorite Science Fiction/Horror writers of all time I can’t believe she’s not more popular. I’m not exaggeration when I say she should be up there with Stephen King. I’m so glad Kim @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer‘s reviews of her Newsflesh trilogy pushed me to buy her novels. I have got to get around to reading this book soon. No excuses.

I borrowed the first two TWD comics from the library and found them even better than the show. I never had time to check out the rest of them and I’d love to buy them but, damn, they’re hella expensive! Maybe I can find THE WALKING DEAD, VOL. 3 used on ebay or amazon. I’d love to collect the series.

I recently purchased SCARLET from my favorite local independent bookstore hoping it pushes me to finally read the rest of the series. CINDER was such a change from the typically reads I usually enjoy, but I had a great time reading the novel. It was another library read, so I’m hoping to purchase a copy of cinder as well and re-read before I indulge in SCARLET.

THE BONE SEASON was a fabulous read I quickly purchased the second book after sobbing through the first book. However, it gave me a huge book slump, so I’ve been too intimidated to read THE MIME ORDER. I find it so ridiculous that while I’m usually afraid to read a sequel because it might suck, but in this instance I haven’t started the sequel because I’m afraid it will be so good I can’t read anything else. (laughs) I’m so silly.

ten sequels I need to finish 2

I’m not afraid THE CAPTURE will be worse than the first book, THE PREY, but I am afraid it will take me just as long to grab my attention as the first book. It took me 18 CHAPTERS to become emotionally invested. Who has the time for that?!

I listened to BLACK WIDOW: FOREVER RED back in 2015 and absolutely loved it. I should have grabbed a copy of BLACK WIDOW: RED VENGEANCE a long time ago but had no idea Stohl was writing a duology. I should have figured since it’s kind of her thing lately, haha. Definitely need to buy a copy, I really enjoy her books.

HIS FAVORITE is the only manga series I’ve ever bought digitally. I’m definitely old school when it comes to comics/manga/graphic novels. I prefer hard copies, but I couldn’t pass up the $4.99 price tag. If you read manga, you know it’s not cheap. Anywhoo, I found the first two books (only ones I bought in the series) to be cute, fluffy shounen ai (cleaner version of M/M manga) and I need more!

DO NOT DISTURB is the second novel in A.R. Torre’s Deanna Maden series. I loved the shockingly twisted first in the series and have had the second on my TBR list for far too long. I have no real idea why I haven’t bought it. I think the fact that it took me a few chapters to get into it is a definite factor.

What sequels do you need to read?

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  1. I cut most series out of my life because I just didn’t have the time to keep up or I was disappointed in so many series conclusions but there are a few I would like to get to….Scarlet, Dreams of Gods and Monsters and Crooked Kingdom.

    There are MANY more that I need to catch up with but those are the three that I’m actually looking forward to.

    For What It’s Worth

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  2. You skipped over the Shatter Me series, was curious to see why you hadn’t continued. The Mime Order is brilliant but felt like a much quicker read than The Bone Season and then The Song Rising is phenomenal. One of my favourite series. I always fall victim to newbookitis too. When you have to wait a year between series instalments then you’re interested in a new series and they’re pushed to the back of that TBR. I’d love to join a challenge of sorts to finally read all those finales and bring myself up to date.


    • Opps, I had no idea I skipped talking about it. I loved the first book, just got busy with other books. :/ I would love that too! Perhaps we can come up with some kind of reading challenge that focuses on reading sequels! I really need to stop buying new series until I can finally finish one, lol.


  3. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with the sequels that I still need to read. Way too many…. You do have some really good ones though. 🙂

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