Books I Loved But Never Reviewed

Like most book bloggers, I’ve been obsessively reading books for a lot longer then I’ve been writing reviews. This results in a lot of great books that I’ve never sat down and written a review of. Today, I thought I’d share a few Books I Loved but Never Reviewed. Who knows, maybe this will encourage a re-read so I can finally share my thoughts with ya’ll!

books never reviewed 1

A HUNGER LIKE NO OTHER is one of Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark novels. I’ve been in love with this series since my middle school days…those long ago days when I had to sneakily check them out at the library and read them under the covers after my parents had gone to sleep. I never attempted to review these, even when I picked them up to re-read. They’re one of those series that I pick up when I’m going through a book/blogging slump.

I can’t remember when I read FREAKS OF GREENFIELD HIGH or how I came across a copy. I just know that I enjoyed the novel immensely and I see a re-read in my near future. It’s also free on Amazon, so I’ve taken the opportunity and downloaded a copy for when the mood hits.

THE WITNESS is one of dozens of Nora Roberts novels I haven’t had a chance to review. I’ve been reading her books for longer than I can remember, so it’s unsurprising one of my favorites hasn’t been featured on the blog. I loved Abigail and Brooks and will probably pick it up once again when I have the time.

Another book I read in middle school is I’D TELL YOU I LOVE YOU, BUT THEN I’D HAVE TO KILL YOU. A few years back, I re-read the series and while I didn’t much care for the last few sequels in the series, I still enjoyed revisiting this world. It was a trip down memory lane that I probably won’t revisit in the future, but it was nice to look back on.

MIDSUMMER DREAM is a story I read so long ago. It made such a lasting impression that I searched for it for years, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember the title. Thanks to the What’s the Name of that Book??? group on Facebook, I finally had the chance to re-experience the historical romance.

books never reviewed 2

Christine Feehan is yet another author who I’ve loved since before my blogging days. I loved MAGIC IN THE WIND and the other books in the Drake Sisters series. I hope to one day re-visit this series/author. It has been way too many years since I read a Feehan book.

UNDEAD AND UNWED was, like most of Davidson’s stories, comical, bittersweet, and enthralling. I always have a blast with her books, even if they’re a bit ridiculous. This is one author that I will definitely be revisiting again.

Lora Leigh’s Breeds series is one of my favorite erotic paranormal romance writers. I haven’t read her novels for a while, but every time I go back to her books, I’m sucked in. I don’t think I’ve reviewed any of her books, not just TEMPTING THE BEAST, but it is one of the first books I’ve read from her. I quickly fell in love with her characters and world. I can’t wait to read more!

MAGIC BITES is the book that made me binge read Ilona Andrews. I never even knew her name until some blogging buddies recommended her books. I’m glad they did, Andrews has found a lifelong reader in me.

I finally gave Nalini Singh a shot after hearing people rave about her books for years. I loved SLAVE TO SENSATION, so I am not sure why I never finished the series. Perhaps I moved on to other books. Regardless, I have put the rest of the series on my TBR and look forward to reading more from Singh in the future.

What books did you love but never review? Be sure to share them in the comments below!




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