When the Scoundrel Sins by Anna Harrington

This book was sent to me free for honest review by the publisher. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.
when the scoundrel sins

When the Scoundrel Sins by Anna Harrington
Series: Capturing the Carlisles #2
Published by Forever Publishing on August 29th, 2017.
Genre: Historical Romance
Source: Publisher
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Annabelle Green needs a husband-and quickly. To inherit the only home she’s ever known, she must be married by her twenty-fifth birthday. But finding a suitor has been next to impossible after a reckless rogue named Quinton Carlisle seduced her into a scandalous midnight tryst. Her reputation in ruins, Belle now needs a rather large favor. And she knows just who to turn to . . .

Quinn can hardly believe that the shy bookish girl he teased as a child has grown into such a brazen beauty. The very idea of marrying Belle to right the wrongs of his past is downright shocking . . . and deliciously tempting. Too bad marriage, convenient or otherwise, is the last thing Quinn wants. He’ll help Belle find a husband and be on his way. But if he can’t control his attraction to the bride-to-be, this marriage could go up in flames-of wicked desire.


I don’t typically read books out of order if I can help it, but when I read about WHEN THE SCOUNDREL SINS, I made an exception. It had all the hallmarks of a great historical read—a wicked hero, and bookworm heroine, and an unwanted attraction. I just couldn’t pass it up. Make sure to grab some tissues and a glass of wine, because this historical romance will make you smile AND sniffle!

To live out her days in the only home she’s ever known, Annabelle Green must marry—and quickly. She has little time to find a suitable match, but with her reputation in ruins, she has no other choice but turn to the infuriating Quinn Carlisle to save the day.

“Belle” Green is a character I grew very fond of. She embodied my favorite kind of character: Independent, honorable, kind, and most importantly, she’s a bookworm! As you’d expect, I felt an instant connection when I found out this tidbit. Not only did she check the “obsessed with books” box, I was impressed with her strength. She has weathered so much adversity—and continued to as the plot unfolded. Yet she never gave up on her goals, no matter how misguided they might be.

“You know, Annabelle,” he murmured. The warmth of his breath tickling her across the cheek sent a cascading heat swirling through her. “With your hair down like this, in that white nightdress, you look…” She held her breath, foolishly hoping for an affectionate compliment–”…more like a ghost than a Bluebell.”

Just as Annabelle discovers, Quinn was difficult to dislike, even though his favorite pastime was to tease and taunt his “Bluebell” into anger like a young boy teasing his crush. He was a fun hero, though somewhat frustrating. He had his own demons and as he was just as stubborn as Annabelle, it frequently made it difficult for them to solve problems. Though I wanted to shake them in frustration a few times, I enjoyed them both and couldn’t help wanting them to finally get their shit sorted!

All-in-all, WHEN THE SCOUNDREL SINS sported well-rounded characters and a sizzling romance. Harrington created flawed but love-able characters, and put her own stamp on the marriage of convenience troupe. I will happily read more from this author–and can’t wait to read the other Carlisles’ novels!

WHEN THE SCOUNDREL SINS is a recommended read for any historical romance lover looking for a heartwarming, yet heart-wrenching read.


anna harringtonAbout The Author

Anna Harrington fell in love with historical romances and all things Regency—and especially all those dashing Regency heroes—while living in England, where she spent most of my time studying the Romantic poets, reading Jane Austen, and getting lost all over the English countryside. She loves the period’s rich history and find that all those rules of etiquette and propriety can be worked to the heroine’s advantage…if she’s daring enough to seize her dreams.

Harrington is an avid traveler and has enjoyed visiting schools and volunteering with children’s organizations in Peru, Ecuador, Thailand, and Mexico, and has amassed thousands of photos I unleash on unsuspecting friends who dare to ask about my travels.

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if the duke demands
when the scoundrel sins
as the devil dares

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