August 2017 TBR & Goals

august tbr goals

July has flown by and August is almost upon us. Kids in my county are heading back to school tomorrow, August 1st, the earliest back-to-school date our county has seen in a long while.

My little brother is being released from his work release prison/camp this month and we’re all very happy to have him back at home! He’s been away since April and mom has had a difficult time not having him around, even though she realizes it’s the best place for him at the moment.Β I’m hoping August is a month of healing, personal growth, and progress for my family. πŸ™‚

And now, my August goals!



  • Stick to a daily blogging schedule
  • Finish Blogroll page
  • Schedule TBT Thursday posts for September
  • Schedule Top Ten Tuesday posts for September
  • Work on review procrastination

Reading & Book Buying:

  • Only buy books from series I’m currently reading
  • Finish reading at least one series
  • Finish clearing out freebies from Kindle, Nook, and iBooks and add organize the kept ones on spreadsheet
  • Read review copies on time


  • Finally re-take learners test
  • De-clutter storage
  • Take donations to donation center
  • Update books for trade and donate unwanted books

I have lots of plans for August. I don’t foresee myself completing all these tasks, but I would like to make some headway. πŸ™‚


The books I have on my TBR for August are a combination of books I’m reviewing for August, books that count towards reading challenges, and books in series that I need to make finish. I want to read at least 15 books this month, but we shall see what August holds for me. πŸ™‚

Β What’s on your August TBR? Have any goals? Share them below! πŸ™‚


  1. I am trying to get ahead of reading and reviews for the month. I have oral surgery this month, and won’t be on the blog for a couple of days so I would like to get everything all done for those days. We’ll see if that happens though knowing our busy household. Glad to hear your brother is coming home, I bet you are excited. Stay positive with him.

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  2. I hope it all goes well when he returns home Sarah, you’ll be in my thoughts. I’m having a massive clean out at the moment as well but really need to start going from room to room rather than try to tackle it all at once. 15 books is a huge month of reading Sarah, I’ve got a copy of Mask Of Shadows too so really interested in seeing what you think of that one too ❀

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  3. Yay for Angel’s Blood! That series is SO GOOD!!!!
    And I love your goals for the month. I hope you make lots of headway (maybe it would encourage me!)
    My prayers go out to your family upon your brother’s return. I know transitions like that can be stressful even when its a happy event. I hope all goes smoothly!

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  4. You and your family will be in my thoughts! My brother was in a camp last year, it took some adjusting but it did set him on the right path now. Best of luck on your August goals! I decided not to make any goals this month because I feel overwhelmed when I don’t accomplish them.

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  5. Those all sound like a great goals! I hope you can achieve them all in August. It’s always great if you can blog ahead and get those posts written in advance. You August reading list looks good and I see Stolen on there yay!

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